Interview with Lorenz Würgler, Head of Digital Projects at CALIDA

As Head of Digital Projects at CALIDA, Mr. Lorenz Würgler creates the link between market presence, IT and customers and the entire associated organisation of Calida.

Portrait Lorenz Würgler

Lorenz Würgler
Head of Digital Projects at CALIDA

Would you briefly introduce yourself and explain your role, position and function in the project with webtiser?

As head of digital projects, I support various departments at CALIDA in their digital projects and offer a contact point for topics related to CALIDA’s digital strategy. This also includes the development of an Omnichannel platform to centrally manage product data and serve various distribution channels with e-commerce services.


What were your requirements for webtiser and what did you want a solution for?

Our goal is to react flexibly to the future challenges and opportunities of digitization. To this end, we want to establish a platform that enables us to efficiently serve all sales channels with product and marketing data and thus serve new concepts faster, whether in the Omnichannel area or in the individual sales channels. It was important to us that we use a well established and scalable solution, which already has a lot to offer in the standard.


What experiences have you made and how were new innovative, digital solutions for Calida implemented?

In the initial project, we tried to focus on the most important value-enhancing functions and worked very closely with Webtiser using agile project methodology. This requires mutual trust and short communication channels. This has enabled us to build a fully functional Omnichannel platform in a short time and with well used resources.


Were there special challenges and solutions that arose in the project planning and execution phase?

For CALIDA the products and their quality are in the foreground. We design products that have features and functions that are worth talking about with the customer. When developing the product database, it was important to us to prepare such information as marketing-oriented content so that we could use it in our digital sales and consulting points. It was important to us that Webtiser understands the philosophy of our products and creates a usable experience from technical content.


How did you experience working with webtiser and why did you choose webtiser?

For us, the close and agile cooperation with Webtiser and the trust in our partner was decisive. At every stage of development, we have tried to find out “what the customer wants” and have oriented our work towards functional added value. Webtiser has understood this approach and supported us with pragmatic solutions.


Would you like to say something final about the project or is there something you particularly liked or disliked?

We appreciated very much that in Webtiser we have found a partner who has always had the goal of the project in the foreground and we have found a motivated team from the management to the developer for a long-term cooperation.


Thank you Mr. Würgler for the nice interview. Further information can be found on our Reference page CALIDA.